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Battle of Jalula 

The Persian King took refuge in Hulwan, about a hundred miles to the north of Madain. He once more ordered Persian forces to advance As a result a part of his army occupied Jalula, which was situated in the neighborhood Madain.

The Persian forces at Jalula made great preparations for a battle against the Muslims. The entire town was converted into a fortress and a deep ditch was dug round the city: provisions were stored in large quantities in the town. It seemed as if the Persians had prepared themselves for a long siege.

Sa’ ad with the Khalifa’s permission, sent a strong army under Qaka to meet the Persians. He established his camp and laid siege to Jalula. The siege dragged on for seven months. There were occasional skirmishes but these led nowhere.

Then the Persians decided to launch an offensive and drive away the Muslims. This suited the Muslims. The Muslim commander pulled back his army so that the entire Persian army might be brought into the field.

The action began with a heavy attack by the Persians all along the front and the fight continued fiercely. Late in the afternoon, a severe storm began to blow in the faces of the Persians and helped the Muslims rush forward. In these hostile circumstances, Persian resistance broke down and they dispersed in all directions, Muslims pursued and killed them in large numbers. They occupied Jalula and the residents surrendered on the usual terms of jizya.

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