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Hadith About Be Gentle


The Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and give him peace) sent Abu Musa and Mu’adh ibn Jabal to Yaman, and he sent each of them to govern a part. Then he said; ‘Be gentle and do not be hard, and cause rejoicing and do not alienate.’


During the times of the Holy Prophet PBUH and the four rightly guided Khalifas, those entrusted with the work of the government were required to work for the good of the people. They were required to be gentle to people Were forbidden to do anything which might cause aversion (Bukhari)

Companion reported that the Messenger of Allah said:

“Your best rulers are those whom you love and they love you.” (Muslim)

Hazrat Aisha reported that the Messenger of Allah used to pray:

“O Allah! He who is entrusted with authority to rule Over my Ummah is hard for them, be Thou hard with him and he who is entrusted in any way with the affairs of my Ummah and treats them kindly, show kindness to him. ” (Muslim)

Anas bin Malik related that the Holy Prophet PBUH said: “Make things easy and do not make them hard and cheer up people and do not repel them. (Bukhari, Muslim)

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Mildness, gentleness and to put others at ease are virtues of the moral system of Islam. Many good and commendable qualities have their roots in kind heartedness and a person who is not blessed with it has very little of goodness in him.

A harsh person will be rude to people around him. As a result, he will make his own life miserable as well as those of others. On the other hand, a kind hearted and gentle person will find his life peaceful and make other people feel comfortable.

Anas bin Malik related the Prophet said: Shall I not tell you who is distanced from Hell and from whom Hell is distanced? Everyone who is gentle and kind, approachable and of an easy disposition. (Ahmad, Tirmizi)

In order to discourage people from behaving harshly towards others, it has been said that such a person shall not enter Paradise. Such an act is unworthy of a believer and is likely to prove a hindrance in his progress towards Paradise.

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