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Benefits And Importance Of Adhan

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Adhan is the word of Allah SWT. It is a call for prayer. It was given in the period of the Holy Prophet PBUH for the first time. When Islam was growing Hazrat Umar R.A saw a dream that Bilal is calling Adhan, So, The Holy Prophet PBUH commands Bilal to call Adhan. So, It is recited for calling the Muslims to perform their prayers. It has many benefits to call Adhan. Here are some benefits to call Adhan.

Baby Born:

When someone is born in a Muslim house. It is obligatory to call Adhan in the right ear of the child. Because it is the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet PBUH and the child will be safe from external attacks and his luck will be good. The father of the child must call Adhan in the ear of his child.

For Problem Solution:

For solving the problem if someone falls into big trouble. So, Call Adhan at your house for 7 days. Inshallah, Your house will be safe from external attacks. Adhan is very important for performing prayers.

It is saying that Adhan is continued 24 hours all over the world. It never stops.


So, You want better health, luck, life, and wealth. So must call Adhan at your house. Allah SWT will remove all the sins of the family member. Inshallah, You will be safe from external attacks.

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