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What is 40 Rabbana?

Rabbana means O my Lord, or to call Allah by His name. 40 Rabbana Dua is taken from the verses of the Qur’an from different passages. Rabbana is a word that is used at the beginning of 40 Dua. This prayer has been reciting many prophets and as a result, Allah showered His mercy on them. That is why it is called 40 Rabbana.

What happens when you read 40 Rabbana?
Anyone who incorporates any of the 40 Rabbana Dua into their life will get the following benefits. Dua will be accepted by reciting 40 Rabbana. Sins are forgiven.

  • Allah SWT forgives the sins of the reader.
  • Allah SWT forgives his past and present sins.
  • Allah SWT guides him to the right path.
  • Allah SWT will give him peace of heart.
  • His morals get better.
  • He becomes obligated to pray.

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‣ Benefits Of Ganj-Ul-Arsh 

  • His life and the hereafter will be improved.
  • He becomes close to Allah and His Messenger.
  • His dignity increases.
  • His knowledge grows.
  • If he is unemployed, he will get a job.
  • If he is poor, he will become rich.
  • If he is sick, he will recover.
  • If he is depressed then his anxiety will disappear.
  • If he is in debt, his debt will be paid off.
  • If he is homeless, he will find a home.
  • If he is sad, he will be happy.
  • If he is in trouble then with the help of this Dua he will get out of this trouble.
  • If he is oppressed by his enemies, his enemies will be humiliated.
  • It will end in faith.
  • The love of Allah will be created in his heart.
  • The world will love him.
  • It will have a high place in the world.
  • He will find peace in life and in the Hereafter.
  • The angels will love him too.

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‣ Benefits Of Dua Noor

  • The angels will write good deeds in his book of deeds.
  • If he travels, he will reach home safely.
  • If he is not married, he will get married soon.
  • If he has no children, then Allah will give him children with his blessings.
  • If a poor person reads it, he will become rich.
  • If a person reads it daily, his memory will be sharp.
  • Black magic does not work by reciting 40 Rabbana.
  • His depression will end.
  • He will sleep well.
  • Allah will fulfill his every need.
  • Allah will give him good and true dreams.
  • Allah will help him in every situation.
  • His honor will grow in the hearts of the people.

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  • He will succeed in every field of the world.
  • If you recite this Dua for success in your studies, you will get success.
  • If he prays for the forgiveness of sins, the sins will be forgiven.
  • 40  Rabbana is the treasure of knowledge.
  • Reciting it brings one closer to Allah.
  • Hajj will be blessed by reciting it.
  • Reciting this eliminates heartache.
  • Reciting it removes grief.
  • Reading it opens a closed path.
  • Light is created on his face.
  • Light is created in his heart.
  • Reciting this Dua enlightens the heart and mind.


There is a great virtue in reading this Dua. Reciting 40 Rabbana is a very small Dua, but very special in virtue. This Dua is included in the routine of many prophets. When you include this Dua into your daily routine prayer, you will see this glory in yourself. So friends, start reciting 40 Rabbana from today And remember me in your Dua too.

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