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Ahad Nama

Ahad Nama is the declaration of “Tawheed-e-Ilahi” when Allah SWT created the soul at that time Allah SWT had taken the commitment that am I not your Lord? So all the souls said “Yes”.

It is called the Day of the Covenant. This Ahad belonged to “Tawhid” this confession of Ahad is called “Tawheed”. Because in this “Ahad name” there is the testimony of the oneness of Allah SWT and the confession of the message of the Holy Prophet PBUH. According to him, some evidence is as follows:

Ibn Masood narrated that once upon a time Holy Prophet PBUH said to the companion: Are you unable to commit in the morning and evening with Allah SWT? Did they say how? The Holy Prophet PBUH said: “Whoever recites Ahad Nama morning and in the evening an angel will seal it and place it under the Throne and on the Day of Resurrection he will preach, where are those peoples for whom Allah SWT has promised then they will go to paradise”.

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Abdullah Ibn Masood narrated that the Holy Prophet PBUH said: On the day of the judgment Allah SWT will say: Let the person who has Ahad stand up so no one will stand except the Ahad name.

Abu Bakr narrated that the Holy Prophet PBUH said: ” Whoever recites the “Ahad Nama” after the salam of every prayer an angel will write it on a piece of paper and seal it”. When the servant rises from his grave an angel will come and say where are Ahad peoples and he will return the paper to the people.

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Imam Jafar said: “If it is written on the forehead or shroud of the corpse then hopefully Allah SWT will spare the corpse and remove the torment from the grave”.

Imam Naseer has stated this for justification: “Ahad Nama was written on the thigh of Omar Ibn Al Khattab’s horse”. Ibn Hajar issued a fatwa in his justifying the writing of the Ahad Nama and he said, “It is for him.”

Ibn Ajil al-Faqih used to rule for Ahad Nama but write with the finger of the word do not write with ink. This proves that it is permissible to keep the Ahad Nama in the grave and it is better to place it in front of the grave of the deceased and facing the qiblah.

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