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Durood E Mahi

Whoever recites this durood e Mahi By the grace of Allah SWT will be safe from Trouble and calamity. Whoever recites this frequently will be protected from enemy attack and from the envious. He will always be under the protection of Allah SWT.

This Durood removes the whispers of Satan. Whoever recites this Darood Pak 111 times after fajr prayer Allah appoints an angel from the unseen creatures to protect and honor him Which protects the one who recites Durood from every cause.

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Whoever recites this 1 time after each prayer will be honored by the people forever everyone gives him respect. Whoever recites this 41 times a whole month in Ramadan Mubarak after Taraweeh Prayer will see Prophet PBUH in his dream.

Whoever recites this Darood in prison he will be released from prison. Whoever recites this Darood frequently till his death Hell will be forbidden for him.

The proof of this Durood Sharif is that The Holy Prophet PBUH coming in the Masjid Nabvi  Bedouin came to the Holy Prophet PBUH he had a big pot he covers that pot with the cloth he offered the vessel in the service of the Holy Prophet PBUH and the Holy Prophet says, What’s in this pot ? he says Ya Rasool Allah PBUH: I have been cooking this fish from 3 days But it did not fry The fire has no effect on him I have brought it to you now you know it very well.

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The Prophet PBUH asked that fish So Allah gave the fish the power of speech And she began to speak she said I was standing in the water, a man came and he was starting to recite Durood his voice fell on my ears I heard the whole durood the Holy Prophet PBUH says O fish, recite this whole Darood so she recites the whole durood The Holy Prophet PBUH said: to Hazrat Ali, Ali write this durood and teach people Inshallah, The fire of Hell will be forbidden to the one who recites this Durood Pak.

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