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Benefits Of Darood Pak

Durood Sharif is innumerable in its order and wording. But some Durood Pak are very effective and important in terms of their virtue and character. There are some Durood Pak who are very famous. Reading them is very beneficial for the worldly needs and for the good of the Here after. The benefits of reciting Durood Sharif are as follows.

The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: Whoever mentions me in front of me, let him recite blessings on me.

Whoever sends blessings on me once, Allah will send blessings on him ten times and will forgive his 10 sins and raise her ten degrees.

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Whoever sends blessings on me 100 times, Allah will write on his forehead that he is free from Hell and will be with the martyrs on the Day of Resurrection.

Whoever sends me 10 times durood, Allah will send him 100 times durood, whoever sends me so many times Darood, Allah will send him a thousand times Darood, On the Day of Resurrection, he will intercede for him

The gathering, where Durood-e-Pak is recited, is surrounded by Angels of Mercy.

Recitation of Durood-e-Pak enhances one’s love for The Holy Prophet, May Allah bless him & grant him peace.

The reciter of Durood-e-Pak will be the first to be blessed with the company of the Holy Prophet, May Allah bless him & grant him peace.

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