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Dua Hajat

Dua Hajat is very effective for any valid wish. This Dua has many virtues. Whoever recites this Dua Allah SWT will open a blessed door on him.

If someone wants to achieve the love of Allah SWT he should recite this Dua 1 time after each prayer. Inshallah, Allah SWT will be pleased with him and his all valid wishes will be fulfilled, His wealth will increase. He will be rich in this world and religion.

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If a person has to give a loan and he does not have money, then by the grace of Allah SWT his debt will be paid off. Whoever recites this Dua will always remain under the protection of Allah SWT.

Whoever recites this Dua Allah SWT will give victory over his enemies. If someone recites Dua Akasha 41 times in 2 Raka’h Nafi He will get married wherever he wants. This Dua is very effective for the world and religion.

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