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Dua Jamila

Dua Jamila is the most beautiful combination of the name of Allah SWT. Whoever makes a habit to recite this Dua. He will be rewarded with honor, and His major and minor sins will be forgiven.

Whoever makes a habit to recite Dua Jamila 1 time after each prayer Allah SWT will mercy on him and Allah SWT will open the blessings door for him, His wealth will increase, There will be better and blessings in his house, Love will remain in his family. His valid wish will be fulfilled. He will succeed in whatever he does. If he goes on a journey, he will be safe.

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Whoever recites Dua Jamila will be blessed with good deeds and peace. Whoever recites Dua Jamila in Tahajjud prayer, His heart will be enlightened by the light of Allah SWT. Knowledge will be revealed to him.

If a person doesn’t have a spiritual master he should recite Dua Jamila 7 times before sleeping. Inshallah, By the grace of Allah SWT he will be found the perfect spiritual master.

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