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Qadah Muazzam

Qadah Muazzam is a collection of Qur’anic and spiritual prayers this Dua has a lot of virtues and blessings most Islamic scholars used to recite this Dua and get high status in the sight of Allah SWT.

This Dua has endless rewards and blessings. Whoever recites this Dua 1 time every day his Allah SWT will bless him in everything. Whoever recites this Dua 1 time after the fajr prayer or after the isha prayer for 41 days without skipping any day will be loved by Allah SWT and he will become the saint of Allah SWT.

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If a person cannot recite this Dua daily so he should recite this Dua whenever he gets a chance Inshallah, He will die in faith. Whoever makes a habit to recite this Dua will be safe from the fire of hell and the torment of the grave. His grave will be widened and illuminated. On the Day of Resurrection, he will be forgiven without reckoning.

He will be comforted and honored in every destination of the Hereafter. This Dua is very effective in curing the disease. Whoever recites this Dua Qadah Muazzam will be safe from jinn ghosts and black magic.

If there is an effect of black magic on a place, then recite this Dua 11 times blow on water, and spray it in on 4 corners of the house Inshallah, The effect of every evil deed will disappear.

Rather, it will be a shower of Allah SWT mercy. Therefore, everyone should make a habit to recite this Dua 1 time.

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