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Dua Suryani

This Dua has been prescribed by Abdullah Ibn Abbas in Arabic. The original Dua was written in the Suryani language. so Dua is still famous for Dua Suryani. Islamic Scholar has said: In the ancient book, this Dua had the same status as that of Surah Ar-Rahman in the Quran.

Whenever Prophet Dawood had a problem, he used to recite Dua Suryan And Allah SWT would ease his problem with the grace of Dua Suryani.

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Dua Suryani is very effective for every valid wish whoever recites Dua Suryani 7 times or 11 times for any valid wish Inshallah, By the grace of Dua Suryani, Allah SWT will fulfill his wishes.

Whoever makes a habit to recite Dua Suryani 11 times will get the love of Allah SWT Tawheed and Prophethood will be revealed on it he will see true and good dreams.

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If one forgets the way in the forest so recite this Dua he will be a guide on the right path and he will reach his home safely.

If it does not rain anywhere, then recite this Dua 141 times Inshallah, by the mercy of Allah SWT it will rain. If there is a famine in a country and people will suffer from poverty so recite this Dua 541 times Inshallah, the famine will be over.

If someone is unjustly harassed by the enemy so recite this Dua 11 times or 21 days Inshallah, Get rid of the enemy. This Dua is very effective for religion and for the world.

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