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Durood Al Fatih

This durood is very effective for success in every thing. By reciting this Durood pak, victory is achieved in every work. That is why this Durood is called Durood-al-Fatih.

Abu Albakri said that: “Abu Bakr Al-Siddique frequently recite this durood pak. Because of this Durood pak, Allah SWT blessed Abu Bakr with the position of Siddiqat”.

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Reciting this Durood once is equivalent to reciting it 10,000 times durood pak. Some of Islamic Scholars said: Reciting this Durood once is equivalent to reciting it 4000 times durood pak.

Abu Al-Makarib said: “Whoever recite this durood pak for 40 days Allah SWT will forgive his all past sins”.

Mohammed Bakri said: “Whoever sincerely recite this durood pak 1 time he will be saved from the fire of Hell in the Hereafter”.

Syed Ahmed Halan said: This durood is most favourite durood of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani and he recite this durood in his daily life routine. The beginning of remembrance between and ending of meeting in everywhere Auliya Allah has recited this durood pak. There is only light in it. By reciting this Durood, he has reached his perfection.

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This Durood pak has special wonders and secrets. By reciting this Durood special curtains of light will open and that light is created which no one can describe except Allah SWT. Reciting this Durood pak 100 times will opens such doors and creates a light which is almost impossible to know except Allah SWT and the human being is unable to state worldly benefits of this durood pak.

Sheikh Yousuf Bin Ismail said: This Durood is a pearl of grace. Syed Mohammed Al-Baqri said: This Durood is a strange Durood which I recited in one year and I will go to Hajj and visited the shrine of the Holy Prophet PBUH when I sat in the remaining part of the pulpit and shrine of the Holy Prophet PBUH so the pilgrimage of the Holy Prophet PBUH was blessed and the Holy Prophet PBUH promised me for intercession and said: Allah SWT has blessed you with and blessed your children’s.

Reciting this Durood Pak eleven times on Friday will give you success of this world and hereafter.

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