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Durood Awwal

Durood awwal is most best durood. The one who recites this Durood will not be deprived. Whoever recites this durood. Allah SWT will heal him from disease. Allah SWT will ease his difficulties. Allah SWT will give success him in his world and his religion.

This is the special benefit of this Durood Sharif is that, If someone recites this durood frequently. Inshallah, Every evil will come out from him. He will get peace in his worship. He will become a pious worshiper.

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If someone is interested in religion. He wants them to reach their destination as soon as possible. So, They should recite this durood frequently. This is the ladder to reach the destination.

This durood is the kind of Isme Azam. This durood is easily accepted. The special servants of Allah SWT recite this Durood. If the candidate wants to be a special servant of Allah SWT. So, He should recite this durood as much as he can recite.

Whoever recites this durood. They enter the front row for the sake of Allah’s Prophet PBUH. That is why its name is Durood-e-Awwal.

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