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Durood Habib

This Durood is a special Wazifa of Ashiqan-e-Rasool. This durood is very beneficial. Whoever recites this durood. Allah SWT mercy is upon him. His sins will be forgiven. Forgotten things are remembered. The closeness of the Holy Prophet PBUH is blessed. Virtues are often written in the book of deeds.

Whoever recites this durood. Allah SWT will be pleased with him. Durood is the light in the grave. This Durood is the best means of the intercession of the Holy Prophet PBUH.

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Everyone should recite this Durood before praying and at the beginning of each meeting. It is very useful to recite this Durood in the evening and after every prayer.

This Durood is very useful to recite this durood when performing Hajj when going to the mosque. There will be a success in this world and in the Hereafter.

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