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Durood Kibrit Ahmar

The Holy Prophet PBUH is praised in Durood-e-Kibrit-e-Ahmar. This series is very well known in Qadriya family. Always Qadriya family used to recite this durood pak. This durood pak is attributed to the Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani frequently recite this durood pak till his death.

The most important characteristic of this durood pak is, The reciter of this durood pak will be rich in the love of the Holy Prophet PBUH. If true lover of the Holy Prophet PBUH recite this durood pak. His heart will very satisfying.

Whose heart is empty of the love of the Holy Prophet PBUH. if he recites this durood. The love of the Prophet PBUH will awaken in his heart. As much he recite a lot, the sea of ​​Ishq-e-Rasool will surge in his heart.

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Most of spirituality peoples say: This Durood is very effective for the source of the light.

Whoever recite this Durood frequently, He will get the special benefits. Whoever wants to see the light of the Holy Prophet PBUH. So, He should recite this durood pak in the day and night.Such disciples of the Qadri chain. Who have ceased to be observed then he should recite this durood pak 11 times after isha prayer for 40 days. Inshallah, His condition will reopen and and the series of observations will resume.

Islamic Scholar said: Whoever recite this durood pak forever. He will go to heaven without reckoning. Whoever recite this Durood once in his whole life. He will get the intercession of the Holy Prophet PBUH on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever recite this durood pak 11 times for 7 days in front of the Holy Prophet PBUH grave in Riyaz-ul-janaah. He will see the Holy Prophet PBUH in his dream. Whoever recite this durood pak in Shab-Mairaj after isha prayer till tahajjud prayer. After praying, he fell asleep.He will observe the Shab-Mairaj event.The condition of this durood pak is that it has the attention of his spirituality master.

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This durood pak is most beloved of Ghous-e-azam. Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani is most reciter of this durood pak. He compiled it with his pen in the passion of love at the highest position of the Holy Prophet PBUH. He always recite this durood pak. Until you reach the highest level of proximity. Then at the same place he expresses his virtues and blessings. He named this Durood pak as durood kibrit ahmar. Kibrit Ahmar is called ikseer. And following the instructions of the Auliya Allah. That is why this Durood is called Kibrit-e-Ahmar just as elixir turns metal into gold. Similarly, It illuminates the appearance of the reciter. That is, the love of the Prophet will be born in his heart. The heart of the reader becomes the center of light. The veils of the heart are removed and the mysteries of Allah SWT are revealed. The existence of the one who recites this Durood becomes pure.

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