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Durood Muqaddas

This Durood is a treasure trove of blessings for both religion and the world and reading it is very rewarding. Some people say that Reciting it once in a lifetime is equivalent to performing Hajj and Nawafil fast in the way of Allah.

Whoever recites this durood Pak frequently, will have rich in a place like Walih, Qutub, Abdaal, and Ghous. Through reciting this Durood Pak. All the major and minor sins of a lifetime are forgiven even if it is equal to the foam of the sea.

Whoever recites this durood e  Muqaddas after fajr prayer he will be safe from death and hardship and he will easily give answers to the questions of Munkar Nakir. Allah made his grave like paradise and he will always live in peace. When he will again be resurrected on the day of judgment then his face glow like the moon. Other people will shock to see his face and think he is a prophet or a friend of Allah, And the answer will come from Allah he is not the prophet but he is from the Ummah of Prophet Muhammed (SAWW) because he recited durood Muqaddas from the heart that is why he got this position.

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When that resurrection will be broadcast so the reciter of this durood Pak, angels will give them a Deed letter from the right hand and his deed scale will be heavy because of this durood Pak and he will have the intercession of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) He will go to heaven without hesitation.

Whoever recites this durood Pak 11 times in Tahajjud prayer for 7 Friday nights he will be safe from all body diseases and if someone makes it an amulet and wears it on his neck he will be safe from ghosts and evil.

whoever recites this Durood Pak his all dua will be accepted if someone has any purpose recite this durood Pak 7 times in Tahajjud After reciting Durood, he should prostrate and make dua inshallah his dua will be accepted. If a woman is childless recite this durood Pak 3 times for 40 days blow on water and drink it inshallah she will be blessed with a child. whoever recites this durood between Thursday and Friday night at bedtime Allah will bless with 4 benefits.

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1) Love of Allah

2) Love of Prophet Muhammed SAWW

3) He will go to paradise without any hesitation

4) His provision will increase

It is narrated from Imam Malik, whoever recites this durood Pak and blows on himself will be safe from difficulties, diseases, and disasters he will always remain under the protection of Allah. Anyways this Durood Pak has lots of benefits that only will get by the reciter therefore everyone should recite this durood Pak at least once a week.

If the people of spirituality recite this durood Pak so their ranks rise very quickly and whoever recites this durood Pak for the prophet (SAWW) visiting purpose recites this durood Pak at bedtime for 40 days who will see Prophet (SAWW) in his dream.

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