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#Benefits Of Durood Qurani – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Durood Qurani

In the words of this Durood, it is said that Allah sends blessings on the Holy Prophet equal to the words of the Qur’an. Therefore it is called Durood Qur’an. The one who recites this Durood has the infinite mercy of Allah. Because Allah’s mercy has a special place in this Durood.

If it had not rained, the people of the area would have gathered in a mosque and recited one hundred thousand Durood in the congregation. then pray for rain. Inshallah, the prayers will be accepted. And the cloud of mercy will begin to fall on the heavens.

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One of the features of this Durood is that The love of the Prophet grows in the heart of the reader. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) is blessed with perfect love. Whoever recites this durood 7 times before reciting and ending Quran Pak. He will always be calm and in peace. In addition, reading it three times in the evening is a source of blessing and harmony at home.

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