#99 NAMES OF ALLAH Part 6-Islam Peace Of Heart


Whoever reads it 500 times after Ishraq his eyes will glow. There will be light in his heart whoever recites this frequently and hidden things will reveal on them his appearance will always be right.


If evil whispers arise in his heart then recite this name 100 times after each prayer dirty thoughts will get out from your heart these 4 names contains in 1-verse “HUWAL AWAL WAL AKHIR WA ZAHIR WAL BATIN WA HU WA BI KULI SHAE ALEEM” if this verse will be recited then you will be rewarded with all these names.


If a person is trapped in rain or flood then recite this name frequently he will be safe from every disaster. If there is a risk of flooding recite this name 1000 times blow on water and spray it at your home he will be safe from flood reciting it at deserted place it will be developed.


If periods comes with pain then the girl should recite this name she will be soon get rid from pain and unconditional love will be created in the heart of your husband recite it often to get rid of the lawsuit Inshallah the case will be successful. If there is a problem it will be easy.


A person whose child is not alive recite this name 7 times and blow on your baby and leave it to Allah SWT. The child will be safe from all disaster. Alcoholic characterless start reciting this name then the desire for sins will disappear from his heart. The spirit of goodness will awaken.


Whoever recite this name after Chasht prayer he will have true repentance death on faith If he recite on the tyrant he will perish.


If the intention is to please the enemies recite this name 100 times on Friday nights after isha prayer your enemy will be pleased if someone done black magic recite this name 6400 times for 40 days Inshallah the effects of magic will end.


A person who disappointed from forgiveness recite this name 100 times after each prayer inshallah he will die on faith. He will go to heaven without reckoning. This name is very effective for Warm tempered husband recite this name 12500 times for 11 days inshallah he will be kind heart.


If you have to go to an officer or take a right from someone recite this name in front of them you will succeed. If bride farewell from her house then she should recite this name her husband will always be kind.


Whoever recite this name after Fajr prayer the misfortune will be over he will not depend on anyone. Wealth and honor will increase immensely. If suitcase in his property he will succeed.


If you have any problem recite this name 100 times after isha prayer all difficulties become ease whoever recite this frequently the mystery of the unseen will be observed he will succeed in every thing the helpless creature will be subdued.


If evil whispers arise in one’s heart recite this name 100 times after Asar prayer the heart will be bright and every goal will be achieved. Recite this name will removes your every problem .


Whoever recite this name frequently Allah will bestow him good friends if someone’s family separated so on Sunday bath in the morning and recite this name close once your finger on each recitation and watch in the sky when 10 fingers will close then hands blow in your face.


If a person gets into trouble or suffering from a disease then recite this name 70 times and blow on your hands face and entire body whoever recite this name frequently he will be rich his wealth will increase.


Whoever recite this name frequently will be free from creation if anyone recite this name 100 times morning and evening then you will get the wealth of outward and inward his wealth will frequently increase for married purpose recite this name 1100 times for 90 days inshallah he will get married soon according to his choice.

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