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#99 NAMES OF ALLAH Part 7-Islam Peace Of Heart

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During borrow Dua reciting this name YA-MU’TIS-SA’ILEEN your Dua will be accepted he will become rich. He will be free from creations. His habit will become Generosity. He will become Generous.


If a person Whose wife is disobedient at bedtime recites this name 100 times Love will be created in the heart of his wife. For valid love recite this name as much as you can read you will get your valid love. To stop a bad person from his bad habit recite this name for 7 days and blow on water and feed this water to that person Inshallah his bad habit will be over.


If a person wants to stay at any place and he wants to know about staying there is safe or not he should keep fasting and in iftar time recite the name YA-DA’AR 100 times he will about whether that place is right for his or not.


Whoever recites this name 100 times at bedtime love will increase with his wife and his children will become obedient reciting this name during traveling is very effective. Reciting this name in the place of business your trading will increase.


Whoever recites this name 11 times Surah Fatiha and 1000 times YA-NOOR after the isha prayer on Friday night so the mysteries of Allah SWT will be revealed and the whole body will be enlightened with light.


Whoever recites this name 500 times at midnight and raises his hands to the sky his heart will be strong in guidance and he will become knowledgeable.


Whoever recites this name 1200 times after Isha’s prayer within 12 days the purpose of his heart will be fulfilled. If someone wants to perform Istikharrah so recite this name while sleeping and sleeping without talking to anyone the right thing will be known in the dream.

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Whoever recites this name 1000 times after fajr prayer will be safe from any kind of damage. It will be possible to issue charity his wealth will never end. If a leader recites this name frequently so his position always remains the same till his death.


Whoever recites this name 100 times before sunrise he will be safe from grave torment and his all doubts will clear his all property will be established and remain till his death.

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If something is missing or he never decided something recite this name 1000 times between maghrib and isha prayers he will find lost things and his power of decision will be created. Recite this name 3000 times for 11 days in Tahajjud Prayer you will find your spiritual master.


Whoever recites this name before sunrise he will be under the protection of Allah SWT all day. If someone has an illness or pain recite this name 23000 times. Whoever recites this name frequently becomes patient. If someone gets a big shock recite this name 707 times between maghrib and isha prayers for 7 days inshallah he will get lots of peace and the grief of trauma will end.

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