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This name is very effective for patience and wealth to recite this name after the Asar prayer 100 times. If a person wants to grow his business So he should gather some people after Friday prayers and recite this name 31250 times and continue reciting it till four Fridays Inshallah with the blessing of this name of Allah your Business will grow exponentially.


This name is used to open the doors of knowledge and wisdom In the middle of the night recite this name as much as you can for 121 days inshallah it will be a success and You will be saved from every trouble. The sage who makes it a habit to recite this name 1100 times a day, Allah will increase his practice.


Recite this name 1000 times on food and eat with your wife Then there will be boundless love between husband and wife. At the same time, the heart will be filled with the love of Allah and His Messenger, The person who recites this name 12599 times daily and habit of recitation and continuously recites it for 3 years inshallah everyone will give him attention And the conquest of the people will be very successful.


If a person has leprosy, keep Fasting on a moonlit night 13, 14, and 15 recite YA-MAJEED  continuously till isha after iftar time inshallah You will see the effect in 3 days. The one who recites this name frequently becomes pious.


A person who puts his hand on his chest while sleeping and recites it 100 times heart will be enlightened with wisdom, he will hate sins, he will be in love with good deeds and he will become a pure-hearted person. If someone recites this name 3125 times daily for 40 days in the state of anxiety Her anxiety will go away. To bring back the missing child This name should be recited 1 lac 15000  times together The lost children will be found.

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Recite this name 21 times in the morning turn your Face in the sky then the children will become good characters and pious. If he puts his hand on his wife’s head and recites it, then immense love will be created in her heart If someone has slandered someone so recite this name frequently inshallah Get rid of superstitions if it is true.


If something is lost, write it on the four corners of the paper, place it on the palm of your hand at midnight and look at the sky and recite this name 500 times inshallah That thing will be found or known about this. Whoever recites this name 6250 times for success in the case inshallah will succeed in the case by the mercy of Allah.


This name is for the openness of sustenance If a person is caught in a storm so recite it frequently with HASBUN ALLAHU WA NAI-MAL WAKEEL Inshallah, get rid of it. A person who keeps reciting it frequently will find it easier in every task and his heartfelt argument will be fulfilled.


If a person is afraid of his enemy reciting this name 1000 times after the isha prayer he will be saved from his enemy. if a person recites this name 2100 times for seeking to gain inner strength inshallah His inner strength will increase.


If the mother’s milk is low So write these names on a piece of paper, dissolve them in water, drink some and stick some on your breasts inshallah There will be an excess of milk If the child becomes involved in immorality, he should recite it 10 times and blow on the water and recite it to the children as well.


For the sake of good deeds recite 1000 times on Friday night. He should also recite it to detect the malice of the enemy. If his wife or children incline towards immorality, keep reciting this name in front of them for 40 days Inshallah, piety will be created.


If nature is not inclined towards goodness and the habit of evil is not lost, then recite this name in solitude for 40 days Morals will get better soon Whoever recites this name frequently after Fajr prayers Allah will put His love in his heart And he will be free from the world.

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This name is for the conquest of creatures. If nature is not inclined towards goodness and the habit of evil is not lost when you sleep, put your hands on your chest and recite this name 7 times Soon there will be a passion for worship If the torment of the grave is in danger, it will be safe from it. If he recites it 1000 times on Friday night, he will enter Paradise accordingly.


If a person recites this name 99 times and puts his hand on the stomach of his wife or mahram after the pregnancy has appeared and blows on it, the pregnancy will be safe Even if the pregnancy is more than 9 months, a boy will be born from this recitation.


If someone has a disease of forgetfulness, he will be healed by reciting this name If someone goes missing Or something is lost So read this name a thousand times in the courtyard of the house while sleeping and imagine the lost thing, will come back soon or will get the news about missing.

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