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Qasida Ghousia

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Qasida Ghousia is poems immersed in knowledge which is the spokesman of Sheikh Abdul Qadir’s flight knowledge. This intention was uttered by your tongue while you were immersed in divine love and he was absorbed in the manifestation of the truth and was lost in the place of connection.

This Qasida is a gift from Allah SWT. His every single word is immersed in reality. That is why whoever recites this Qasida Ghousia. He will be colored in the knowledge of Allah SWT. Also, he will get the love of Allah SWT.

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Qasida Ghousia has many virtues this Qasida is very effective for problems, Wishes, Married, Relationships, Family Problems, Financial Problems, Jobs, Kids, Education, and for the world and hereafter problems.

Whoever recites Qasida E Ghousia then the love of the Holy Prophet PBUH will create in his heart. He will see the Holy Prophet PBUH in his dream. Also, he will see Ghous-e-Azam and other Auliya Allah in his dream. He will be blessed with all kinds of religious and worldly inward dealings.

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Whoever recites Qasida E Ghousia will succeed in everything. He will get victory in every field. Whoever recites Qasida E Ghousia. His special relationship builds with Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. He will soon succeed in his goal and reaches his destination.

Whoever recites Qasida Ghousia 1 time. He will be blessed with the world and religious benefits. If someone always recites Qasida Ghousia his wish will be fulfilled. His honor will be increased. He will be blessed with peace. Allah SWT will please him. His memory will be strong. He will be safe from problems and he will be blessed with world and religion.

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How To Recite Qasida Ghousia:

Make fresh ablution. Isha’s prayer must be performed. Facing the qiblah side and sitting in solitude. Now recite Qasida Ghousia 41 times and recite before and after Durood Pak 11 times or 3 times. Continue it for 41 days. Inshallah, By the grace of Allah SWT the door of knowledge will open for him.

If someone wants to pay zakat of Qasida Ghousia. So, He should go to the shore sea. Make fresh ablution and recite 2 rak’ah nafl. In each rak’ah recite Surah Fatiha 1 time and Surah Ikhlas 11 times. Now stand up and recite before and after Durood Pak 11 times or 3 times. Now recite Qasida Ghousia 21 times. Do it for 40 days. This Wazifa can be done at any time after sunset and before sunset. Zakat will be paid in the same way. Make a habit to recite Qasida Ghousia 1 time. He will get very virtues from Qasida Ghousia.

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