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Shash Quful (Six locks)

In common words, Quful is called lock because reciting of Shash Quful (Six locks) the disasters and calamities that afflict man is locked up. This lock is a kind of siege by which the reciter takes refuge in Allah SWT in every way from the resistance of external creatures.

This Dua is one of the habits of Islamic Preachers and Scholars. Whoever recites Shash Quful (Six locks) before sleeping will be safe from disasters and he also seeks refuge in Allah SWT from the attacks of demons and jinns.

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When a person goes on a journey from his home, he should recite Shash Quful (Six locks) and entrust his family and belongings to Allah SWT Inshallah, as he leaves his house will get the same things as return from the journey because by reciting Shash Quful (Six locks) everything in it will be under the protection of Allah SWT.

Whoever recites Shash Quful (Six locks) 11 times after fajr prayer he will get the special mercy of Allah SWT and Allah SWT will help him in all his worldly work, His spiritual knowledge will increase, His knowledge resources will open, His heart will be rich and his honor will increase.

If someone is missing something then recite Shash Quful (Six locks) 41 times before sleeping Inshallah, Allah SWT will somehow point out what is missing.

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