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Surah Al-Jinn (The Unseen Beings)

Most of the Jinns (Jinaat) became Muslims and accepted Islam under the Holy Prophet PBUH. Listening to this surah of the Holy Quran, that’s why this Surah is called Surah Jinn.

Abdullah Bin Abbas narrated that, The Holy Prophet PBUH went to the Akaz marketplace for preaching Islam with his Companions. On the way to Nakhla, the Holy Prophet PBUH was offering the Fajr prayer in so many jin ahead and after hearing the divine words. They announced to conversion to Islam.

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This Surah is very effective to eliminate the effect of jin. Therefore, the person who is affected by the jinn. So his family member should recite this Surah 41 times for 11 days and feed it to the person. On the final day make a photocopy of this Surah make an amulet and wear it. Inshallah, By the grace of Allah SWT the effect of jin will be over.

If a person recites this Surah in prison. Inshallah, By the grace of Allah SWT he will be free from prison. If someone has fear of wastage from anything recite this Surah and blow on water and sprinkle on things. Inshallah, His things will be safe from wastage.

Whoever makes a habit to recite this Surah 1 time before sleeping. Inshallah, He will always remain in peace. He will never be suffering from any kind of anxiety. If he went to his enemy or tyrant person he will be safe from the enemy. Inshallah, He will be safe from his evil.

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