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 Surah Al-Mulk (Sovereignty)

It was revealed in Makkah Mukarma and According to this subject, it has the most importance and virtues. Surah Mulk is also known as Tabarak Muaina or Mujadila.

Ibn Masood narrated that, In the time of the Holy Prophet PBUH we used to call this Surah Maniha, Which means ( The Surah which prevents the grave punishment ).

Ibn Abbas narrated that among the companions have set up a tent at a place, there was a grave and they don’t know about it. They heard some noise inside the grave someone was reciting Surah Mulk in his grave until he finished the whole Surah after that they will came to a Holy Prophet PBUH and asked about that adventure the Holy Prophet PBUH replied: This Surah is the protector and keep safe him his reciter from punishment of the grave.

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Ibn Abbas said to the person, May I give you the Hadith as a gift that will make you happy. Recite Surah Mulk and teach it to your family, children, and neighbor. Because this Surah is about deliverance from the torment of the grave. This Surah is to argue on the Day of Resurrection. This Surah will quarrel with Allah SWT for his reciter. This Surah will ask to Allah SWT save his reciter from Hell. Because of this Surah, the one who recites it will be safe from the torment of the grave.

Abu Huraira narrated that the Holy Prophet PBUH said: “There is a surah in the Holy Quran that consists of 30 verses. This Surah recommended one of the persons from my ummah and Allah SWT has forgiven him. This Surah is Surah Mulk or Tabarak.

Aisha Siddiqa narrated that the Holy Prophet PBUH always recites Surah Mulk and Surah Sajdah every night and never give up on the journey. Whoever recites this Surah while watching the new moon so thirty days a month he will be safe from hardships that is why these are 30 verses and that is enough for 30 days of a month.

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Whoever makes a habit to recite every night before sleeping Inshallah, will be safe from the torment of the grave. It will not hurt to die. On the Day of Resurrection, the Holy Prophet PBUH will intercede for him. Whoever recites this Surah 11 times after Zohar prayers and prays for the late person Inshallah, Allah SWT will forgive his late and he will be safe from the torment of the grave.

Whoever recites this Surah after fajr prayer Allah SWT will create stability in his faith. Whoever recites this 41 times in daily life will be Sahibe-Kashaf.

If anyone has been evil eye so recite this Surah 1 time and blow on water and drink it Inshallah, the effect of the evil eye will be over and he will always be safe from the evil eye.

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If the pregnant women recite this Surah daily and blow on water and drinks it, her child will safe. Whoever recites Surah Mulk for 40 days in tahhajud prayer, Allah SWT will bless him with a child.

Imam Jafar Sadiq narrated that, whoever recites this Surah after isha prayers he will remain under the protection of Allah SWT till in the morning also, and he will remain under Allah SWT’s protection on the day of judgment even that he will go to paradise.

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