Benefits Of Surah Qaf (The Letter)
Benefits Of Surah Qaf (The Letter)

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 Surah Qaf (The Letter Qaf)

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Surah Qaf is the 50th chapter of the Quran and it occupies an important place in the Islamic book. This Surah is named after the Arabic letter “Qaf”, which is the first word of the Surah. There are a total of 45 verses in this Surah and it contains the main aspects of Aman. The idea of ​​rising again and the presence of Allah and the sign of power revolves around him.

Surah Qaf begins with the letter “Qaf”, which gets instant attraction and calls for reflection. This letter has symbolic significance, pointing to the unique originality of the Qur’anic message. This reminds us of the depth of the principles of the Torrent rules.

Benefits Of Surah Qaf (The Letter)
Benefits Of Surah Qaf (The Letter)

Benefits Of Surah Qaf:

Its daily recitation will provide you with guidance and it is a blessing. To recite it one time at the time of seeds sowing. Reciting this Surah in the garden will bring blessings in the fruit. A special advantage of its recitation is that Grains and fruits will be safe from disaster. Its recitation will create fear of Allah SWT. It is very beneficial to recite it. Read More: Dua for Success In The Marriage

Whoever recites this Surah 3 times blows on Surma and puts them in his eyes then his eyes will not vanish forever.

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If a person has been a new employee somewhere or has changed from anywhere and other people are angry with his arrival but rather they think and make tricks to get rid of it, in these situations recite this Surah 11 times for 11 days everybody will become your friends and everyone will be pleased with you.

If someone is attacked by an enemy. In this case, Make this photocopy and keep it in your pocket for 40 days. He will be safe from enemies and every kind of outer evil.

If anyone has a fever and the medicine has no effect, then with treatment recite this Surah three times a day blow on water, and drink it. Inshallah medicine will cause healing effects.


Surah Qaf is the 50th chapter of the Qur’an, which includes various purposes that reflect, Contemplation, and mystery towards understanding and understanding the dark side of birth and resurrection. The Surah begins with the confirmation of the origin of the Qur’an and the message of guidance, then the signs of birth in it, Stories of ancient nations, and re-life and reckoning of the afterlife are mentioned.

When Surah Qaf comes to an end, emphasis is placed on the confirmation that nothing can be hidden from Allah’s sight and that there is unknown knowledge. Humans are presented with a reminder of their beginnings. When he was just a drop, then how he became different persons. The Surah also mentions the doubts of such people who deny the Day of Resurrection and the consequences of their disobedience that they will suffer.


Q. What is Surah Qaf?

A. Surah Qaf is the 50th chapter of the Quran. It includes various purposes related to birth, resurrection, and signs of Allah’s presence and power.

Q. Surah Qaf, what are the similarities?

A. In this surah, the confirmation of the message of the Qur’an, signs of birth, stories of ancient nations, the concept of life again, Accounts of action, and differences between believers and disbelievers are discussed.

Q. What is the purpose of Surah Qaf’s name “Qaf”?

A. The name “Qaf” is reminiscent of the Arabic letter “Qaf”, which comes at the beginning of the sura. This is a call on the authority of the Qur’an and the power of the word of God.

Q. How is the tone of Surah Qaf?

A. Surah al-Tifkkar, reflection, and thought-provoking life pointers, The stories of ancient nations, and the reality of the Day of Resurrection are mentioned. Its tone predates thinking, thinking, and thinking.

Q. What does Surah Qaf teach us?

A. Surah Qaf indicates to us the presence and power of Allah in our lives, The consequences of denial, the importance of reflecting on birth and rebirth, And the need to account for the process is worth paying attention to.

Q. How does Surah Qaf reiterate the concept of life?

A. By paying attention to the indications of surah al-Binati, It shows the birth of humans from a single drop of barley, which is the power of Allah, It creates the concept of life again. In addition, it includes the stories of ancient nations that mention the reality of re-life.

Q. What is the message of Surah Qaf?

A. The purpose of Surah Qaf is to make people reflect on the signs of rebirth and the reality of rebirth, To acknowledge the power of Allah, and to recognize and understand the results of one’s faith and actions.

Q. How does Surah Qaf predispose the reader to think about His presence?

A. It is mentioned in the Surah that human beings were created from only one drop, then they became different personalities after passing through difficulties. It forces the readers to think about their true being and the purpose of existence.

Q. What is the clear message of Surah Qaf?

A. The main message of Surah Qaf is that birth is the result of Allah’s will, And just as He can create life from nothing, He is the first to give life to mankind on the Day of Resurrection. It requires the importance of recognizing the signs of life, accepting peace, and moving on to the hereafter.

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