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Surah Al-Qariah (The Shocker)

This Surah Al-Qariah on the whole describes the Resurrection Day and its preliminary events. The style is alarming and awakening with some clear warnings. According to this Surah, people are divided into two definite groups:

Those whose good deeds weigh heavy by the Divine Scales will rejoice in a pleasant life, And those whose good deeds weigh light will have the abyss as their abode.

Whoever recites this Surah 11 times at bedtime. His belief will strengthen. He will be safe from calamity. He always do good deeds.

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Whoever recites this Surah 180 times. His all problems will be solved. Whoever recites this Surah frequently. All bad habits will be over. He will be a good person and his heart turn into good deeds.

Imam Baqir says: Whoever recites Al-Qariah. Allah SWT secures him from the calamity of (believing in) Dajjal (the deceiver) and also from the hideousness of Hell on the Day of Judgement.

Whoever recites this Surah 160 times. Inshallah, His wish will be fulfilled. His hardship will end. His wealth will increase and his all work will be eased.

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