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#Benefits of Surah Tin (The Fig) – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Surah At-Tin (The Fig)

Surah At-Tin is most effective for coming back to a runaway person. If someone is a runaway and you want to back him. So, Recite this Surah 100 times. Inshallah, By the grace of Allah SWT. The Runaway person will come back.

If anyone wants to finish his enemy and make friends with his enemy. So, He should recite this Surah At-Tin 41 times after Isha prayer for 21 days. Inshallah, The hate between them will finish. They will be best friends forever.

If the woman is pregnant and wants to give birth to a baby boy. So, Recite this Surah At-Tin 11 times and blow on the water and then give that water to a pregnant woman from her pregnancy till the end. Inshallah, Allah SWT will make them happy with good news. She will give birth to the baby boy.

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If someone wants to be beautiful. When he looks in the mirror. So, He should recite this Surah and blow it on his hands and face. Inshallah, His face and whole body will glow. Do it for 90 days.

If the vegetable and fruits are in danger of spoiling. So, Recite this Surah 3 times and blow on the food. Inshallah, By the grace of Allah SWT. His food will safe from spoiling.

If there are insects in someone’s house. So, Recite this Surah. Blow on salt and sprinkle it on the insect’s place. Inshallah, They will run away and never comes into your house. Do it for 11 days.

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If bedbugs live in someone’s house. Recite this Surah 3 times for 21 days. Blow on water and sprinkle it on the bed. Inshallah, Bedbugs will end.

If a person is in a state of negligence and loves this world. So, Recite this Surah 3 times for 17 days. Blow on his food. Inshallah, His interest will develop in religion. He will start worship of Allah SWT. His heart will turn into religious things. He will hate the world.

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