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Ya-Baiso Ya-Noor

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Ya-Baiso Ya-Noor is the name of Allah SWT. This name is very powerful for every work. It has lots of benefits to reciting this name. Most people get lots of benefits from reciting the name Ya-Baiso Ya-Noor. It has the power to remove all the bad things from the people.

If any person recites this name 100 times in daily prayers. All the anxiety will go away from him. The light (Noor) will create in his heart. It is also very beneficial for a weak person. If any weak person recites this 11 times after each prayer. Inshallah, His heart will be strong.

If anyone recites this name 11 times before bed sleeping. He will be safe the whole night from all external attacks. Also, He will be safe from heart problems. Most people recite this name and get cured of heart problems. Because heart problems are common. Another benefit of reciting this name keeps safe from heart attack problems.

If anyone recites this name at the time of hypertension. So, He will get peace from this Dua. This Dua also opens the get to success. A person recites this name 1000 times. Inshallah, He will success in all fields of life. The door of luck and knowledge will open for him. Allah SWT will reward him. His knowledge will increase. His bad habit will go away. People give him respect. His heart will be filled with light (Noor). His sins will be forgiven. His all bad debts will be forgiven. Allah SWT will agree with him.

He will live a happy and peaceful life. His wealth will increase. Allah SWT will open the source of wealth to him. Angels will write good deeds in their deed book.


This name is also can be recited for a good marriage proposal. If any one recites this name. Allah SWT will open the door of marriage on his.

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