Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum is the name of Allah SWT. Which means, O Ever-Living, the Sustainer of all. Ya Hayyu is the one who has the power to keep alive. Therefore, there is only Allah. Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum are two different names of Allah SWT. If one wants to read them separately, one can read them. But if you combine these two names, it will be very useful. Because there is great power in the name of Allah SWT. Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum is the most powerful wazifa. There are many benefits to reading this. This name of Allah is very special to remove depression. This Wazifa is beneficial for these things. The person who reads this name all the time, his heart becomes clear. Whoever recite “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayum” his heart and mind will always alive. Anyone who recite this name for any purpose Inshallah, His purpose will fulfilled. Whoever recite this name in the time of trouble, Inshallah, his trouble will be gone. Whoever recite this name at the time of any fear Inshallah, His fear will be removed. This name revives the heart, purifies the soul, purifies the thinking, removes the evil, saves from the evil eye, Protects from bad friends, increases respect, increases knowledge, removes Satan, Reading it creates a passion for worship, His enemies will be humiliated, There are so many benefits to reading this that one cannot even begin to imagine. Reading it brings Allah closer to him, If he falls ill, he will recover. Allah loves him.

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In this modern period, There are many people who are worried about their lives, They are tired of life, they get frustration from all sides, humiliation and disgrace on all sides, Nowadays Everyone has an affair, people cheat, And those bad people play with the hearts of good people, And they get tired of their lives, I wrote in this post about the people who are worried, Everyone has their own worries, some are sick, some are in debt, some are helpless, some are hopeless, some are compelled, some are compelled by heart. Some one don’t have money, Some one don’t have their own house, Some one don’t have a job, no one is getting married, no one has children. There is a lot of trouble and the solution of this problem is “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum”. 
  • Whoever recite this name all the time his all the difficult will ease.
  • Whoever recite this name 100 times after each prayer Allah SWT will fulfill his wishes.
  • Whoever recite this name 100, 000,000 times his Allah SWT will solve his problem. Whoever recite this name 100 times daily Allah SWT will remove his all sins. 
  • Whoever recite this name 1000 times after esha prayer and pray from Allah SWT for his married Allah SWT will send proposal for him from unseen places. 
  • Whoever recite this name Allah SWT will remove his debt.
  • If a jobless person recite this name and pray from Allah SWT, then Allah SWT give him job. 
  • If a childless person reads it, Allah will reward him with children.
  • If a person encounters him while traveling, he will return safely from the journey.
  • If someone is accused of wrongdoing and he reads it, then insha’Allah that accusation will be removed.
  • If a person is suffering from depression and he / she is able to perform this dua as soon as possible then insha’Allah he / she will return to his / her life and his / her depression will end.
  • If a person has a breakup and he misses his ex a lot and he recite this Dua, then Allah will remove his ex from his heart. And he will find a good life partner.
  • Whoever reads it, Allah will bless him.
  • If a person is fed up with his enemy, and he wants to get rid of it, then read it and insha’Allah his enemies will be humiliated.
  • Whoever reads it for his successful life inshallah, Allah will make it successful.
  • Whoever reads it too much, Allah will reward him.
  • Allah opens the way for him.
  • Allah appoints angels to guard him.
  • If a person is afraid of paralysis, he should recite this Dua 100 times and apply it on his face and body. He will not have paralysis till he dies.
  • Whoever reads it while getting up, sitting, walking, Allah will help him from the unseen.
  • Whoever reads it, Allah will give him a place in Paradise.
  • Allah will keep him away from every evil.
  • Allah will help him against his enemies.
  • Allah will increase his honor.
  • Allah will help him to walk on the right path.
  • Allah will forgive all his sins.
It is a great privilege to read “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum”. Man cannot even imagine, how much influence Allah has in this name. Therefore, the person who starts reading it, will see the effect himself. You must remember me in your prayers.

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