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#The Benefits Of Reciting Ya Allah – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Ya Allah is the most beautiful name of Allah SWT. When anyone recite the name of Allah SWT. So, Allah SWT will blessed him. His all the sins will be forgiven. Allah SWT name has most power to fulfill any wish. To increase wealth, Boost Memory, For Married, or etc. So, Here are some benefits of reciting Ya-Allah. Anyone can recite this name any time and see the miracle itself.

If anyone recite the name Ya-Allah 100 times after each prayer. his self confidence will increase.

Allah SWT name is most powerful for forgiven sins. If anyone recite few times Ya Allah his all sins will be forgiven.

If any person write the name on paper and dip on the bottle drink it. So, His memory will boost.

If anyone recite the name Ya-Allah 3000 times daily. Inshallah, he/She will get married soon.

If anyone recite 1000 times daily Ya-Allah his faith will be strong till his death.

If anyone recite the name Ya-Allah and blow on food. Inshallah, His wealth will increase.

Ya-Allah can be recited for problem solution. If anyone recite Ya-Allah 500 times and make a Dua his problem will be solve.

Ya-Allah can be recited for any wish. If anyone has any wish recite Ya-Allah 1000 times. Inshallah, His wish will be fulfilled.

Ya-Allah will increase your thinking skills.

It will boost up your luck

It will make you succedded.

It will increase your respect.

It helps you to increase your knowledge.

It helps you to destroy your enemies.

Important Note:

Must pray 5 times

Make fresh ablution

Make a Dua

Must Trust on Allah SWT

Pay Sadaqah


You can recite Ya-Allah for build the relationship with Allah SWT. If you recite this name every time. Inshallah, You will be rich in this world and here after.

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