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Dua Every Muslim Must Say

O Allah, we seek refuge from You, From every bad day, from every bad night, from every bad fortress, from every bad moment, The calamities of the time to come, the calamities, the troubles, the worries, the helplessness, O Allah keep us safe at all times.

O Allah, we do not know how to ask, Yet every day the hands first ask you with the conviction that there is no one to accept our Dua except you. O Allah, do not look at our broken Dua. We believe in you. Look at it and accept our arguments.

O, Allah! Accept our prayers and make us your beloved one. Because we are sinners and we don’t know how to agree with you. We are your slaves and kindly show us the straight path.

O, my Lord! Accept our prayers which have a good outcome because we do not know the outcome and we know the outcome.

Oh, Allah! This is enough for my honor, I am your servant,
And this is enough for my pride that you are my Lord.

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You are what I want to be! Make me what you want me to be.

O Allah Lord of earth and heavens! O Allah Lord of the world! For the sake of Surah Rehman, For the sake of Surah Fatiha, For the sake of Ayat-E-Kareema,  Protect us from sins, From the evil eye, From shirk, From disobedient of you, From falling respect, from adultery, From the torment of the grave, form disobedient of my parents, from the fire of hell, from bad manners, from leaving prayers, and from all the external attacks.

O, Allah! I ask you for perfect faith, true faith, and ample provision. A humble heart, a tongue that remembers you, Halal and pure food, True heart and Dua before death, The rest of the time of death, Forgiveness and mercy after death, Forgiveness at the time of reckoning, Achieving Heaven and Deliverance from Hell, O Allah! I ask all this through your mercy, O honorable ones! Forgivers, O pure caste! O my Lord increase my knowledge, include me in the good people.

O, Allah! Forgive us our sins, accept our repentance, protect us from disobedience, from breaking anyone’s heart, from humiliation and disgrace.

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