#Benefits Of Learning Quran Online – ISLAM PEACE OF HEART

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Islam is just a knowledge-based religion. This genuine knowledge and understanding originate from the Quran. This Holy Quran is just a book with illumination that has brightened the entire universe and rescued humankind from extinction. Studying the Quran provides an incentive: happiness, achievement, and even intellectual cleanliness. 1. Learning the Quran is a blessing: The …

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#Online Quran Teacher – ISLAM PEACE OF HEART

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People are nowadays moving towards online, also, they have a great tendency toward learning the Quran online. Hiring an online Quran tutor is the easiest way that helps you to fulfill your goal to learn the Quran online. Especially in Muslim-majority countries, where learning the Quran in masjids and madrasah necessitates extensive travel. As a …

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How Parents Can Help Kids To Learn Tajweed Our traditional learning and teaching methods have also been altered as a result of the rapid advancement of technology. Parents nowadays are busy with 9-to 5 work and have no time to teach their children the Quran With Tajweed. The most practical, convenient, and straightforward approach in …

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