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Which animal is permissible to kill in Islam and which animal is not permissible to kill in Islam? SNAKE If you see a snake inside the house, warn it three times and even after it is in front, kill it. It is permissible to kill in the forest without warning. Breathless snake and two-striped snake …

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#Haram Things In Islam – Islam Peace Of Heart

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The following things are forbidden. Whistle blowing clap Squeezing fingers in prayer Tearing one’s clothes in a state of ecstasy of lying at the right time. If the incident is a state of ecstasy, then it cannot be compared to the state of falsehood. Eat food on the way. Sitting with legs spread in front …

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#What Are 4 Revealed Books? – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Revealed Books Human beings are the servants of Allah and His agents on earth who need guidance to carry out their various duties and responsibilities. This guidance is contained in the books of revelation sent to mankind through prophets and messengers. Belief in the reality of Allah’s guidance to mankind in the form of revealed …

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#Angels – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Angels Belief in the existence of angels is an article of Islamic faith. The non-believers considered angels to be deities, and Allah’s daughters. This article of faith purifies the belief in the unity of Allah. The Holy Prophet PBUH said that angels have no share in Allah’s Divinity. To worship them and to ask for …

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#Shirk – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Shirk Associating partners with Allah is called Shirk. Shirk is the worship of idols, and offering prayers and supplications to anyone, dead or living, believing that they hold the same attributes in a lesser degree than Him. Thus, the belief that Allah is not Sovereign or Independent and Sole Dispenser of affairs of the world …

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