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Hadith About Being Mercy


God will not show mercy to him who does not show mercy to others.


Mercy is a special attribute of Allah. The Holy Quran mentions this attribute very frequently. It says:

“… For Thou art the Best of those who show mercy.” (23: 118)

Most deserving of the special mercy of Allah are those kind hearted people who have love and sympathy for His creatures. The command to show kindness to those who are on earth includes people of all religions and nationalities.

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The Holy Prophet is a symbol of mercy for all creatures. The Quran addresses him in these words:

“We sent thee not, but as a mercy for all creatures. ” (21: 107)

The Holy Prophet PBUH taught others through his personal example to be kind and merciful. He said:

“You should be kind to those who are on earth and He, who is in the Heavens will be kind to you.” (Tirmizi, Abu Daud)

Abu Hurairah relates that he heard the Holy Prophet PBUH say:

“The attribute of kindness is not taken away from the heart of anyone except the ill-fated.” (Tirmizi)

This means that the person who is lacking in mercy and kindness is doomed to Hell.

During the battle of Uhad, when the Holy Prophet PBUH was wounded, one of his companions asked him to curse his enemies. His reply was:

“I have not been sent to curse. I was sent only as a mercy.” (Muslim)

The Prophet PBUH and his followers had been persecuted in Makkah for thirteen years and the persecutors had ultimately compelled them to migrate to Madinah.

But when the Holy Prophet PBUH conquered Makkah, he forgave every injury inflicted upon him and announced a general pardon. Such an example of compassion and mercy is rare in the history of the world.

Mercy is one of the outstanding qualities of the true believers. All acts to compassion which are performed without the object of any recompense are prompted by this virtue.

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