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Hadith About Reciting Qur’an


He who studies the Qur’an is like the owner of tethered camels. If he attends to them he will keep hold of them, but if he lets them loose they will go away.


Sahib-ul-Quran may mean one who has committed the Quran to memory, or one who has developed proficiency in it by constantly reciting it.

When a camel is constantly supervised and is kept tethered, it remains under control, otherwise it flees. Similarly if a person constantly recites the Quran and is vigilant not to let it slip from his mind, it is a source of spiritual benefit to him. When a person becomes indifferent to it, it slips out of his mind.

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It is reported that the Holy Prophet PBUH said:
“Keep refreshing your knowledge of the Quran, for I swear by Him in whose hand my soul is that is the no reliable to escape than camels which are tethered.” (Bukhari, Muslim)
When the recitation of the Quran is neglected, it is not abruptly that the Quran slips out of one’s mind. The process is slow like the movement of a tethered camel which walks haltingly.
Recitation of the Quran carries great rewards. We are not only required to recite the Quran but also to meditate and ponder over its meaning. We must resolve to receive guidance from the Quran and to abstain from whatever is against its teachings.

The Prophet PBUH said:

“Whoso reads the Quran and commits it to memory and knows its lawful things as lawful and unlawful things as unlawful, Allah will admit him into Paradise.’” (Tirmizi)

The Holy PBUH Quran is the foundation of our religion and the main source of all Islamic. teachings. It is a complete Book for the Guidance of mankind to the right path. It seeks to guide man in all spheres of life-material and spiritual. It is the most sacred treasure for a Muslim and he should, therefore, not let it slip out of his mind and if he does, it shows his indifference to the Book of Allah. which is undesirable.

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