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Is Fajr Prayer Increase Beauty

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Is Fajr Prayer Increase Beauty? This Question asks many of my brothers and sisters. They want to know about Fajr Prayers. 

So, Here I will tell you some main features of Fajr Prayer that play an important role of increase beauty. 

Yes, It is true. If any Muslim awakens and performs Fajr Prayer. So, Allah SWT will produce the light (Noor) in his face. His face starts to shine and glow. Read More: Fajar Prayer

It is narrated in Hadith that, Performing 2 Rakah Sunnah of Fajar Prayer is much better in the world, And much better than is in the world. So, My brothers and sisters If you make a habit to perform Fajr Prayer. Allah SWT will create the light ( Noor) in your face and in your heart.

If any Muslim person Performs Fajr Prayer and recites Surah Noor after the Prayer. Inshallah, His face will start to shine within the week. If anyone recites Tasbeeh ( Subanallahe Wa Be Hamdehe Subhanallahil Azeem) 100 times. Inshallah, His wealth will increase.

Fajr Prayer has the power to increase the beauty of the face. It is narrated in Hadith, The Holy Prophet P.B.U.H said: That If anyone misses his Fajr Prayers. Allah SWT will decrease the light (Noor) of the face.

So, My dear brothers and sisters must perform Fajr Prayer. It will increase you beauty of your face and also increase the beauty of your heart.


It is narrated in Hadith that the Holy Prophet P.B.U.H said: If anyone wakes up in the Fajr, Make ablution and Perform Fajr Prayer. So, Allah SWT will create the light (Noor) on his face. His face will start to glow like the 14 of the moon.

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