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Hadith About Modesty


Modesty produces ‘nothing but good.


Modesty is a force which prevents a believer from falling prey to urges of indecency and obscenity. It protects him from all evils prohibited by Islam. The moral teachings of Islam are meant to awaken and encourage this feeling of modesty in human nature, to develop and strengthen it until it becomes a part of one’s mental attitude. It serves as a strong moral deterrent against all evil and wicked desires. It restrains man from behaving in an undesirable manner and also acts as a shield against immoralities. Modesty plays a vital role in character building.

Modesty is of fundamental significance in Islam. The Holy Prophet PBUH reported to have said:

“Every religion has a distinctive quality and the distinctive quality of Islam is modesty.” (lbn Majah)

And also:

“Modesty is part of faith and faith is in Paradise and indecency is from evil and evil is in Hell.” (Ahmad, Tirmizi)

Faith and modesty are so closely related to each other that either both will be present in an individual or community or none of the two would be present.

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It is related by Abdullah bin Umar that the Prophet PBUH of Allah said:

“Modesty and faith are companions when one is taken away, the other follows it.” (Baihaqi)

A companion of the Holy Prophet PBUH reported him as saying:

“Modesty is a part of the teachings of the previous prophets and anyone who lacks it may do whatever he likes.'” (Bukhari)

Modesty has been particularly stressed upon as part of faith because it reflects a state of mental piety. If the sense of modesty is alive and active in a person, his life will not only be clean in the sight of his fellow beings, but also in the eyes of Allah.

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