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Prophet Life In The Makkah (571-622 A.D.)

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The Holy Prophet PBUH was a direct descendant of Hazrat Ismail, the eldest son of Hazrat Ibrahim. Hazrat Ismail had twelve sons. One of them had settled permanently in Hejaz-Arabia. One of his descendants, Fihr, known by his title of Quraish, was a famous personality of his time. His descendant, Qussai, had the custody of the key of Ka’abah. He was responsible for entertaining pilgrims.

Qussai’s grandson, Hashim, from whom the Holy Prophet traces his descent, was the richest and the most important of Qussai’s descendants. Hashim and his brothers organized and despatched trade caravans, and established trade links with foreign countries.

With the passage of time the Prophet’s PBUH grandfather, Abdul Muttalib, became very prominent among the Quraish. Three incidents of his life are very important. The restoration of the fountain of Zamzam: the dialogue with Abrahah, the Christian Viceroy of Yemen who had come with a large army to destroy the Ka’abah in 571 A.D; and the bringing up of his orphan grandson Muhammad, the last Prophet of Allah.

His son, Abdullah, who was the father of Prophet Muhammad was married to Aminah, daughter of Wahab, who belonged to a noble and illustrious family. On his return journey from a business tour to Syria, he stopped at Yasrib, where he fell ill and died. By way of inheritance he left a few camels, goats and a slave girl named Umm-e-Aiman.

After the death of Abdullah, Hazrat Muhammad was borm to Aminah at Makkah on 12th of Rabi-ul-Awwal 571 A.D. He was named Muhammad by Abdul Muttalib. The name being uncommon and unknown among the Quraish, somebody questioned Abdul Muttalib about it. In reply he said: have named him Muhammad so that his name may be praised on the earth and in the heavens.

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