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Introduction of Statement of Allah’s pleasure:

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This is the word of Allah in it. “Allah was pleased with them and they were pleased with Allah”. In other verse. Their Lord gives them glad tidings of His mercy and pleasure. ( Surah Tauba Verse 21).
It is narrated from Ibn Abbas that the Messenger of Allah said: This man said that he enjoyed faith, Who was pleased with the Lordship of his God.
It is narrated that Umar Ibn Al-Khattab wrote to Abu Musa al-Ashari ( In the Name Of Allah) Ammaa Ba’aad, The good of tomorrow is in keeping the command of Allah, so if you can keep it secret, then be patient.
When one of them is given the good news of the birth of a girl, his face turns black. In the interpretation of these verses, Abu Qatada said: This was the way of the polytheists.
Allah has informed them of this evil deed. It is for the believer to be content with what Allah has ordained for him. God’s decision itself, There is more to it than just deciding for yourself.
O son of Adam! Whatever God has ordained for you. Which you find offensive, It is better for you that Allah sets your favorite thing for you. Fear Allah, Be content with its qada.
Allah said: What you find offensive, Maybe it’s better for you, And whatever you like may be bad for you. Allah knows you are ignorant (Surah Baqarah Verse 216).
Allah knows what is in your religious and worldly interests, you do not know. So Allah has kept their interests hidden from the creatures and has made them obligated to worship Him. Which means to carry out orders, To avid Prohibition, Bowing down to quantity and being content with all your gains and losses on the pleasure of God.
Allah has kept the associations and interests in His control, so the servant should always be in obedience to his master. And be content with what God has ordained for him and do not slander him.
Understand that man will fight for his destiny as much as he can against destiny. And as much as he pursues his own desires and as much as he tries to satisfy his will, so much he will suffer. He who obeys the command of destiny lives in peace. And the destiny of one who is angry with the Lord increases his sorrow and grief.

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