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Sun Eclipse

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The prayer of Sun Eclipse is Sunnah Muqadah. From the beginning of the eclipse to the clear districts and the return of full light is the time of this prayer. This means that when the sun and the moon begin to eclipse. When the ink and dimness begin and the rays begin to subside, then the time for prayer begins. And it stays that way until it’s over. When the eclipse occurs, the time for prayer ends. It is recommended that the eclipse prayer be performed in the mosque where the Friday prayer is performed. The Imam recited two rak’ahs, in the first rak’ah after tahrimah recite “Tau’uz” then recite “Surah al-Fatiha” and “Surah al-Baqarah”. Then go to Ruku, Let him keep such a long Rukuh repeatedly as many as a hundred verses recite “Subhan Rabil Azeem” then “Sami-Allah Le Man Hamd” raise your head and prostrate and make the two prostrations so long, that in each prostration there are as many as 100 verses recite ” Subhan Rabi-il-Aala’a”. Then stand for the second Rakah and after Surah Fatiha recite “Surah An-Nisa”. After long Ruku raise your head and stand up straight recite Surah Fatiha then recite “Surah Maida” If you can’t read this Surah well So in exchange for these verses, read other verses of the “Quran”. But if you can’t recite anything other than Surah Ikhlas, then read only Surah Ikhlas but the amount of literacy should be equal to the above mentioned description.

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After first Rakah, Within the second stay the first recitation. The recitation will be 2/3. And in the third stay the recitation will be half of the first recitation. And in the third stay the recitation will be 2/3. And the amount of each tasbeeh will be equal to two thirds of the recitation of each qiyaam. In the last do Salam. In this way there will be four rak’ahs and four prostrations. In each rakah one ruku will be increase. If the eclipse becomes clear during the prayer, then he should shorten the prayer and not interrupt it. The evidence for the eclipse prayer is the hadith narrated by “Ayesha Sidiqqah” That there was an eclipse once in the time of the Messenger of Allah. The Messenger of Allah visited the Eidgah. When he reached there, he said “Takbir”. People also said Takbir. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) recited aloud and paused after a long stay. Then he raised his head and said: “Sami-Allah Le Man Hamd” Then a long recitation then make long Ruku. Then he raised his head and stood up, Then prostrated. Then he raised his head, Then prostrate and then stand up. And he did the same in the second rak’ah.  After the prayer, the Messenger of Allah said: “The sun and the moon” are two of the signs of Allah. They do not feel eclipsed by someone living and dying. If you see this ( means eclipse) then return to prayer.

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