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#Surah Al-Kausar (#Verse1-3) Explanation – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Surah Al-Kausar (#Verse1-3)

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1. To you have we granted abundance.

2. So pray to your lord and sacrifice.

3. For he who hates you, He will be cut off.


Surah Kausar sums up the doctrine of spiritual riches through devotion and sacrifice. The opposite also follows: indulgence in hatred means the cutting off of all hopes in this life and the Hereafter. The Surah is addressed first to the Holy Prophet PBUH and through him to every believer.

At the time of the revelation of this Surah, the enemies thought that Muhammad PBUH had been completely ruined. He was cut off from the community and had become utterly helpless as his male children, who would carry on his name, were dead and the message he had presented was accepted by only a few people. At this Allah said: To thee have we granted the Fount (of abundance).

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The fountain is the abundant bounty granted to the Holy Prophet PBUH of all that is good in the spiritual sense like prophethood and revelation, grace and knowledge, truth and wisdom, mercy and goodness, spiritual power and insight.

This also includes a river or fountain in heaven of this name which will be granted to the Holy Prophet PBUH on the Day of Judgement and out of which the righteous will drink water.

With reference to the believers, Kausar signifies the ability to acquire knowledge, to do good work, to be kind to all beings, and thus, to attain inner peace and dignity.

He, who grants these blessings is Allah, and therefore, we must turn to Him in adoration and thanksgiving and offer sacrifice for His sake alone and this command was given when the worship of gods and goddesses was common. The Quran says: Say: Truly my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life, and my death are (all) for Allah, the Cherisher of the worlds.” (6: 162)

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The ‘sacrifice is symbolic. Behind it is a deep spiritual meaning: the slaughtered meat feeds the poor and slaughter 1s a symbol of self-sacrifice in our hearts as the Quran says: “It 1s not their meat nor their blood, that reaches Allah: it is your piety that reaches Him..(22: 37)

Lastly, there is a curse for the non-fulfillment of hopes and evil designs for the opponents of the Holy Prophet PBUH for all times to come.

Hatred and spite are not constructive contributions to the work of this World, but their opposite. The enemies of the Holy Prophet PBUH vented their hatred and spite against him by taunting him with the loss of his two infant sons by Hazrat Khadija, calling him after, i.e. one who is cut off. A few years later however these enemies of the Holy Prophet were themselves cut off from hope in this world and the next. Millions of Muslims all over the world follow and obey the teachings of the Holy Prophet. Besides this, his generation also carried on through his daughter, Hazrat Fatima.

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