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Surah Baqarah (2: 21-22)

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21) O People! Adore your Guardian Lord, who created you, and people who came before you, so you will have the possibility to find out righteousness.

22. Who has made the planet your couch, and also the heavens your canopy; and sent down rain from the heavens, and by it brought forth fruits for your sustenance; then don’t found rivals to Allah, once you know.


These verses of Surah Baqarah are about Allah, the Creator and Cherisher of all mankind, the planet, and also the heavens and hence exclusively deserve worship and adoration.

Adoration is the act of the very best and humblest reverence and worship. When that sort of relationship is made with Allah it produces righteousness.

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Exclusive worship of Allah is mandatory because He alone is the Creator and Cherisher of all and that’s the explanation why the Quran .speaks particularly of His attribute of Rabb i.e., the Cherisher. The Being Who has created and arranged for the upkeep of His creatures is the only 1 who deserves complete and exclusive worship and obedience and idols to whom are ascribed a number of God’s qualities, or the saints presupposed to possess divine powers or other material objects who are helpless and haven’t any power of their own. These verses speak of 4 basic favors of Allah:

  • The creation of man himself
  • The creation of the earth and heavens
  • The sending of rain
  • The expansion of fruits
  • The word used for the earth is fresh and this term employed in the Quran implies that the planet is most suited to sustain life in order that mortals can pass a snug physical, intellectual and spiritual life here.

The planet has been covered with the cover of the heavens called the sky providing a roof for individuals to measure beneath it on earth. Our whole life, both physical and spiritual depends upon Allah. The physical life is symbolized by the planet while the spiritual is symbolized by the cover of heaven.

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The concept underlying the mentioning of these favors is that when human beings themselves admit and acknowledge that each one has been granted by Allah alone then they have to realize that only He deserves our worship, obedience, and servitude. to line up others equal in rank with Allah means to carry others besides Allah merit service and worship. The false gods could also be idols, superstitions, pride of race, birth, wealth or position, power, or learning.

It’s also clear that the only real aim of the Holy Quran is to-create Taqwa i.e., fear of Allah which is •the foundation of all virtue in human life.

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