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Nafih said: Abdullah Bin Umar and Umar, He used to recite arrogance in Mina after every prayer in the days of interpretation, And in the assembly and on the bed, in the tent and on the way, they used to recite takbir everywhere And on the arrogance of these two elders, other people were also takbir. And they understood the meaning of this verse, Everyone agrees that takbir is a Sunnah. Ali used to recite takbir after every Fajr prayer till Asr prayer of the day of Arafa of the last day in Tashreeq. Imam Ahmed Bin Hanbal Bin Mohammed Bin Hanbal and Qazi Abu Yusuf and Mohammad Bin Hasan Shebani This is also the view of religion of Imam Shaafi. This is the most important thing. Abdullah Bin Masood always recite Takbir in 10 “Zil Hajj” from Fajr till Asr Prayer after each Prayer. This is also the religion of Imam Abu Hanifa. Ibn Abbas and Zaid Bin Thabit recite Takbir after Zohr Prayer till Asr after each Prayer. It is narrated from Itaa that this is the narration of  Imam Shaafi Takbir should be started from Zohar Prayer on the day of Nahr. And the Takbir should be ended on the Fajr of the day of Tashreeq so that the pilgrims may be fully obeyed And the last days of Tashreeq should be ended at Fajr prayer.

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The Words Of The Takbir:

Ibn Masood recite 2 times Takbir like this ( Allah U Akbar , Allah U Akbar, La Ilaha Ilaallah Wallahu Akbar Wallahu Alhumd ) Our Imam Ahmed and Imam Abu Hanifa and this is the view of the people of Iraq. Imam Malik said: ( Allah U Akbar, Allah U Akbar, Allah U Akbar , Allah U Akbar, Then he used to say the same thing till the end. Which we have stated above in the words of Ibn Mas’ud. This is the view of Imam Shafi’i and his followers. Qatadah used to say: ( Allah U Kabir, Allah U Akbar Ali Maa Hadaana Akbar Wallahu Al-Humd. Abu Hurayrah narrated that the Messenger of Allah said: The days of Mina, is the days of eating, drinking and worship of Allah SWT. Jaffar Bin Mohammad said: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) called for a preacher to be sent in the days of Tashreeq. This is the day to eat, drink and get close to women. If it is the month of Muharram, then recite Takbir from the canal to the last days of Tashreeq.

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It is narrated from Imam Ahmed If you recite Farz Prayer with ( Jamaait ) then recite Takbir. If your recite Farz Prayer alone then do not recite Takbir. Like the Takbir of Eid-ul-Fitr, saying takbeer in Eid-ul-Adha means more emphasis on the night of Al-Fitr but also than the takbeer of Eid-ul-Adha. Allah SWT said: But the takbir of Eid-ul-Fitr starts from the Maghrib of night of the Fitr. On the day of Eid, when the Imam has finished the two sermons of Eid, the ruling of Takbir remains then the order ends. Imam Abu Hanifa said: Takbir is not Masnun in Fitr. Imam Malik said: Recite Takbir on the day of Eid Fitr. Do not recite at night and the time of Takbir is till you reach EidGah, Let the Imam come out and the people go out for prayers So the time for Takbir ends. Imam Shaafi said: He should start takbeer on the night of Eid and when he gives both sermons of Eid, he should finish Takbir. It is narrated from Imam Shaafi, The night of Eid should start from the Maghrib and end when the Imam is seen in the Eidgah. In one view, the extreme time is considered to be the beginning of Eid and in the other view, it is said to be the last time of takbeer.

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