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Top 10 Muslim countries

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Islam is the religion of Allah SWT. The Holy Prophet PBUH is the founder Of Islam. In the period of the Holy Prophet PBUH, it started growing in the world. It is narrated in Quran:

And The Muslim Will Accept Islam Surah Nasr

So, Everyone has the dream to travel Muslim country once in their lifetime entire the world. Here are 10 Muslim countries everyone should visit.


Turkey is a country in Western Asia. Its  Capical is Ankara. It is a pure Muslim Country. 99% of Sunni Muslims live in Turkey. It is the most beautiful country for travel. It is also the most beautiful place for the honeymoon couple. It is a safe place to Visit You should Visit Turkey once in your life.


Qatar is a country in the Middle East. It is another Muslim country. Its capital is Doha. It is a 100% Muslim Country. It is the most beautiful country located in the middle east. It is safe to place for a visit you should Visit.


UAE is another Muslim Country to visit. Its capital is Abu Dhabi. 99% of Muslims live in UAE worldwide and it is a more comfortable and beautiful place for visiting.


Pakistan is the 99% Muslim Country in Asia. It is the most beautiful Country for visiting. It is a very safe place and Pakistani People are the most loving and caring people. The Culture of Pakistan is according to Islam. You must visit Pakistan once in your life.


These are 99% of Muslim countries for visiting. You should visit once in your lifetime and see the tradition of another Muslim country.

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