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Ya-Lateefu For Love Marriage

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Most people are worried about their marriage and they can’t find the right spouse for themself. If you are facing love marriage problems. So, Here I will tell you Ya-Lateefu Wazifa for love marriage, Ya-Lateefu Wazifa for married. You can recite this powerful name of Allah SWT to get back your love and find your spouse. This Dua can recite to everyone even parents of children for their married proposal. Recite Ya-Lateefu for love marriage. But you must concentrate on the people whom you want to marry and make trust Allah SWT get instant results.

If anyone recites Ya-Lateefu 100 times before and after Durood Pak continuously for 21 days. Inshallah, He/She will get married soon.


Do it for 21 Days only.

If any single person recites Ya-Lateefu 129 times after Esha prayer before and after 11 times Durood Ibrahim for a marriage proposal. Inshallah, They will get the perfect spouse for them.  Also, this name is very beneficial for getting back our love. If anyone recites this name 129 times and blows on the person he/she love. Inshallah, He/she will contact you soon.


Do it for 30 Days only.

If a single girl recites Ya-Lateefu 100 times after each prayer. Inshallah, She will get married soon.


Do it for 41 Days only.

If anyone recites Ya-Lateefu 1000 times before and after Durood Ibrahim after Esha and fajr prayer for his marriage purpose. Inshallah, He/She will get married soon within one week.


Do it till you married.

Important Note:

Make a fresh Abortion

Must Perform 5 times Prayer

Begin with Bismillah

Must recite Durood Pak 11 times before and after

Wear clean clothes

Concentrate on your loved one


This name is very beneficial to get married soon or to getting back your love. If anyone recites this name to get back his/her love. So, Recite this name 1000 times before and after any Durood Pak. Inshallah, Your love will contact you soon.

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